• Integrated on-line help function.

  • Interface with Windows™ programs such as Excel™, Word™ and any program that uses the Windows™ ODBC standard.

  • All documents and reports can be emailed or faxed. Security measures ensure that only authorised users have access to these features.

  • Capable of electronic ordering and invoicing specific customers and suppliers.

  • Sophisticated reporting without the need for expensive, complicated third party software packages.

  • Graphic view of selected Sales and General Ledger data. Perfect for inclusion in presentational materials.

  • Simple to use.

  • Extremely stable software.

  • Very forgiving of operator errors.

  • High level of internal program security that controls who has access to particular files of data, who has the ability to add, change or delete the data, combined with full logs being maintained of what tasks were run, by whom on what day and at what time.



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