• Maintains a detailed Debtors ledger with full transaction trail and history.

  • Payments are made to Debtors accounts and to sundry General Ledger accounts. All payments interface to the Bank Reconciliation module.

  • History shows a full list of all invoices, payments and account adjustments made to debtor accounts. Drill down to the original transaction with just a couple of clicks of the mouse.

  • Aged Trial Balance report prints in a variety of formats with special options to select by age or credit limit position.

  • Mail merge facility enables you to generate WordT documents directly out of Timpack Works.

  • Simple ledger design aimed at ease-of-use but with the necessary level of detail to help you track problems and answer questions.

  • Unlimited notes can be kept for each debtor with Reminder dates set to help follow up promised payments.

  • Credit check information available showing 'average days payment', 'average months sales', 'number of months trading', etc.

  • Statements are archived so that stored file copies are not required. Archive copies can be printed as required. Or, they could be directly emailed or faxed without leaving your desk - just a couple of easy mouse clicks.

  • Full integration with the Sales Processing and General Ledger modules.



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