• Fully integrated with all other Timpack Works modules.

  • Sophisticated, comprehensive yet simple to operate the General Ledger is designed to allow processing in different accounting periods - even different financial years - simultaneously without the need for complicated operator controls.

  • Complete posting history is maintained with the ability to view postings in detail or in summary by batch.

  • All postings to the General Ledger have identifying journal numbers that link them back to their originating audit report to assist you tracking balances.

  • User defined chart of accounts number allowing from 3 to 10 digits with up to 4 breaks to designate such groupings as Cost Centre, Division, Branch, etc. or whatever is relevant to your business.

  • General Journals can be designated as Reversal journals.

  • Standing Journals can be for fixed monthly amounts or can be variable amounts applied manually or simply by a percentage split.

  • Posting Enquiry program allows searches on the ledger by reference number, by date, by amount and by journal. Need to find a posting for $1,500.25 that isn't on the account you thought that it should be? Just enter the amount and Timpack Works will find the posting, show you the original journal and who the operator was that processed it.

  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting program enables you to create simple reports such as Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss or very sophisticated specialised reports with ratio analysis, profitability calculations and other advanced spreadsheet-like features.




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