(Add-On Module)
  • Work in Progress (WIP) is designed for saw-millers to track timber production data from log to finished good.

  • Logs are received with contractor, transporter, forest area and log docket details recorded.

  • Logs sent to mill combined with sawn timber from the mill allow system calculation of Recovery / Loss figures for processing days and run numbers.

  • Sawn timber tracked through drying, moulding and all other additional processing. Loss calculations available at all processing points.

  • Reporting available on stock-on-hand at any production status point.

  • Reporting on production at specific machines or overall is available on daily and/or run basis.

  • Integrated costing calculations provide valuations of stock in production stages.

  • Full integration with the finished goods stock control module.

  • Hand-held data collection devices can be used for pack recording at various entry and exit points in the production cycle.



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