• Windows™ application suitable for Windows™ '98 SE, Windows™ 2000, Windows™ XP (Home and Pro), Windows™ 2003 and any newer release of the Windows™ operating system.

  • Uses Client-Server technology which maximises network efficiencies and ensures application stability.

  • Works with either a Windows™ server or most variations of Unix servers.

  • Flexible licencing allows multiple Timpack sessions to run on each individual PC.

  • Utilises a state-of-the-art language processor - ProvideX™ ( ). ProvideX™ enables Timpack Works to exploit all of the features of the Windows™ operating system. ProvideX™ is constantly being developed with regular upgrades that enable Timpack Works to keep up to date with all of the latest Windows™ features. ProvideX™ is the development language used by a number of the leading accounting packages sold throughout the world.



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